National Chai Day 2022 Images, And Quotes

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September 21 is National Chai Day, a day set aside to honor a popularly regarded healthy and useful beverage. Masala chai, commonly known as chai. Is a sweet Indian tea that has a tinge of spice and is traditional with flavorful herbs and spices. Including cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, and pepper.

National Chai Day

National Chai Day 2022 Quotes

Chai can consumes in a variety of ways, such as hot, cold, or as part of a decadent dish. Around Asia, chai was first introduced in the year 3000 B.C. as a royal beverage and unique treat. Chai was not a tea at the time; rather, it was a herbal beverage brewed with a variety of spices.

Happy Chai Day

In its earliest forms, there were no actual tea leaves present—just a blend of spices. But when tea was created in China, everything changed. And it was primarily under British colonial rule over India that the contemporary kind of chai that we know today emerged. As the British encouraged Indians to cultivate tea during this time after learning about it from the Chinese.

Happy National Chai Day

The Hindi word “chai,” which was taken from the Chinese word for tea, “cha,” is where the word “chai” first appeared. Even though the name refers to tea in general in Hindi, this spiced drink is frequently referred to in English as masala chai or just chai.

National Chai Day 2022

As a result, throughout the Indian subcontinent, any tea refers to as chai, which is not the case in western nations.

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The amount of caffeine in masala chai is approximately one-third that of coffee. Water, tea leaves, milk, sugar, cardamom, black pepper, and ginger are the seven basic ingredients of masala chai that are virtually always included.

National Chai Day Images

Compared to the Indian original of a more herbal & spicy milk beverage, the westernized version of chai, or chai latte, is lighter and sweeter.

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Chai is now good to recognize for the many health benefits it provides to the body. Because it contains a variety of nutritional ingredients. Black pepper and ginger, which help with digestion, cloves, which ease abdominal pain, cardamom, which improves mood, and cinnamon. Which support lung and heart health, are some of these ingredients.

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Happy Chai Day 2022

What better way to honor this delectable beverage than to enjoy one for yourself as a treat on this Chai Day? Allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves are the only necessary components in addition to milk, sugar, or honey.

National Chai Day Wishes

After mixing everything and adding water, your masala chai is ready! Drinking is the best thing with close friends and relatives. So, to commemorate the celebrations of this day and make it memorable for your life. Gather your friends and family around a table or couch in your home to chat. Or in front of the TV to watch a movie together.

National Chai Day

Alternatively, you can also go out and enjoy a cup of chai on this day. Since numerous Indian eateries provide this fantastic beverage occasionally. Even give discounts on this special day, make sure to check it out first. To celebrate this Happy Chai Day 2022, you can also visit any cafe and have a chai tea latte.

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